About the Gun

  • Never be unarmed again.
  • Introducing a simple, low-cost 22-caliber revolver design that can be built for less than a lunch for two. (As little as $12 in materials)
  • Small in size, under 5” long and weighing only 8 ounces loaded.
  • Minimal skills, tools, and equipment are needed. (Can be built in 6 – 15 hours, depending on above)
  • Easy to understand 23 page instruction manual with photos and drawings and was written with the beginner in mind.
  • Can also be customized.
  • As fun to build as it is to shoot!
  • Plan Download Only $12.95 $9.95 


 Example of gun with brass frame fluted and blue cylinder.

The “Pepper Box” style incorporates the cylinder
and barrel into one unit. This means you are not
saddled with a precise alignment of the cylinder to a
stationary barrel. I have also eliminated the
complex trigger system that revolvers utilize. As
you know, in a conventional revolver, pulling back
the hammer revolves they cylinder and sets the
trigger and hammer in the firing position. In this
design, you manually rotate the cylinder to each
station. To fire the pistol, you simply pull back the
hammer with your thumb, aim, and release.

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