Simplistic Design

There are only two moving parts on this gun, the cylinder and the hammer assembly. There are 25 essential parts, only six of which you must make yourself. The other 19 parts can be purchased at a hardware store. Appendix A lists the suppliers where you can obtain all the materials and tools necessary. In fact, you may want to visit your local machine shop where they may have all the stock you need in their scrap.

If you are an experienced machinist you should be able to complete this design in about six hours. If you are a novice to working with metal, expect to spend significantly more time completing the project. There may be a small machine shop in your area that would manufacture some of the more difficult pieces for you for a fee. If not, these plans are designed to guide a complete novice through the fabrication process.

The instructions in this manual are geared more towards dimensioned drawings, illustrations, and photos rather than text. I believe this will make it easier for the builder to understand, whereas an experienced machinist only needs the drawings.

I suggest using cold roll steel (1018). This is not the best steel to use in firearms, but it is easy to obtain and inexpensive. It is also easy to work with and has performed just fine in the prototype. If you have never worked with metal in your projects, I suggest getting more material than you think you will need. That way you will be covered if you make a mistake or lose a piece.

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